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The Airedale Gastropub and Beer Garden coming to former Mad Momos space in Columbia Heights

Source: PoPville

I am cautiously optimistic. I was ridiculously optimistic prior to Mad Momos opening, so now I will throw a little caution in.  But I have to admit dogs and beer gardens do make me a bit giddy…

Mad Momos abruptly closed back in January. Updates when more is known.

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Breweries celebrate new beer law on July 1

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution


Burnt Hickory Brewery is holding Georgia’s very first on-site bottle release tonight.

More than 35 people were standing in line at 9:40 p.m. for the midnight event. The law allowing breweries to give away beer for off-site consumption goes into effect July 1.

The Kennesaw brewery is open from midnight to 1:15 a.m. to release its annual barrel-aged barley wine, Killdozer, its collaboration barley wine with Savannah’s Coastal Empire called March to the Sea, and about a hundred vintage bottles.

Breweries still cannot sell beer directly to consumers. But they can give it away (effective July 1) — up to ...

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Chicken Sandwiches Coming Back to FedNuts Shops; Something New From Team Opa?

Source: Eater Philly

Plus, listicle success for a couple of Philly’s best wine spots.

PHILADELPHIA — The massively popular Port FedNuts chicken sandwich (usually only available at Spruce Street Harbor Park) will pop up at all Federal Donuts locations in honor of made-up holiday National Fried Chicken Day on Monday, July 6. The sandwiches ($7) will be available at all four shops from 11 a.m. until they sell out. (Who know what the future holds, but when the sandwiches popped up earlier this month at the Sansom Street location, they sold out in about three hours.) [EaterWire]

JEWELER’S ROW — The names ...

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Man Brutally Stabs Customer in the Face at Le Souk on LaGuardia Place

Source: Eater NY

The victim required 50 stitches.

Things got scary at NYU hang and hookah bar Le Souk around 3 a.m. Sunday morning. A customer was stabbed repeatedly in the face by a man in the restaurant in an attempt to disfigure him, say police. The attacker went on to stab another guest at the bar in the hand with an unidentified sharp object, reports DNAinfo. The first victim’s gashes required more than 50 stitches; the second victim was bruised and suffered a small cut. The attacker was arrested and charged with two counts of felony assault and held on a $30,000 ...

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You’ll Soon Be Able to Get Drunk Off Kombucha

Source: Grub Street NY

Not just for probiotics anymore.

Kombucha, the sour, funky, fermented tea that originated in China, serves as a (questionable) health elixir and source of all things probiotic. But soon, people might be able to get drunk from it, too. Ayla Bystrom-Williams, an ambitious home-brewer who runs the “female founded, Santa Fe-based, bad-ass” HoneyMoon Brewery, has apparently created a beverage that combines the purported health properties of kombucha with the flavor and the alcohol levels of beer. While others have dabbled in these crock pots before, no one else has successfully brought a boozy kombucha to the market. If it ...

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What and where to eat near the Mall on the Fourth of July

Source: Washington Post Going Out Guide

If you’re planning to head to the National Mall for the Fourth of July Celebration, you will not be alone. Not by a long shot. And nothing works up an appetite like fighting your way through massive crowds, am I right? Because there are going to be so many people, and because we know the […]

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Bob & Edith’s Diner, South Arlington

Source: DCDining

I’ve been up at the crack of dawn numerous times of late, and since I basically refuse to eat fast-food, that leaves me with precious few options for breakfast. However, I have had three different breakfast sandwiches, multiple times each, at Bob & Edith’s Diner, and feel very comfortable guiding you. I’ve had each of these sandwiches two, and sometimes three, times each. A very full breakfast would consist of any two of these sandwiches, coupled with one order of Home Fries ($1.89) – shredded potatoes, grilled and browned on a flat-top, crispy at the edges, soft in the middle, and not over-salted. Anyway, here are the sandwiches, in *ascending* order of quality – all of them are $4.79 each, and the only difference between them is the type, and quantity, of meat.

Good – Bacon, Egg, and Cheddar on English Muffin

Better – Sausage, Egg, and Cheddar on English Muffin

Best – Ham, Egg, and Cheddar on English Muffin

This ordering is generally the reverse of how I would think I’d prefer my breakfast sandwiches, the reasons being as follows:

The bacon is just a couple strips of bacon, not necessarily fried right then, and nothing particularly special. It’s okay, and I might like it more if the egg in the sandwich was runny, but it never is. While not bad, it’s eclipsed in both quality and quantity by the sausage and ham.

The sausage is a crumbly, well-browned patty, not links, and is coarsely ground, very browned, and irregularly cut, making it a pretty thick patty. It’s way above the norm as far as these things go, and you won’t regret ordering it if you enjoy sausage patties. By no means are these pre-cut patties – they’re from a loaf, and really well-fried on the griddle.

The ham is surprisingly good, and surprisingly plentiful. The last time I got two sandwiches (one with sausage, the other with ham), I picked each one up – they were wrapped in paper, and I didn’t peak to see which-was-which – to see if I could discern which was heavier. I switched hands, and in both weigh-ins, I could tell that the sandwich with ham was slightly heavier, and the reason is because they give you a *lot* of ham, and it’s *good* ham. If this was unfolded into one piece, it would be about the size of a football, but it’s folded over in thirds (making three layers), and then again in half (making six full layers of ham) – granted, they’re fairly thin layers, but this is real ham; not processed crap. It’s not at the level of cured country ham, but it’s actual ham, it’s very good, and there’s a lot of it.

There’s your Bob & Edith’s breakfast-sandwich primer for the day. Remember Bob & Edith’s is open 24 hours a day, and they’re happy to accept phone-in orders for pick-up.

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Rickey Bar at Cashion’s; Taylor Puts Peaches on a Hoagie

Source: Eater DC

Plus, a startling accusation about a Bethesda restaurant owner.

BETHESDA— A co-owner of Mamma Lucia is being accused of following a customer to the restaurant’s parking lot and allegedly groping her. [BM, via EN]

ADAMS MORGAN— Cashion’s Eat Place is hosting a pop-up Rickey Bar in the circular bar area in the middle of the restaurant. There, they’ll serve riffs on the classic drink created by the staff bartenders. They’ll kick things off with a party at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday. [EaterWire]

MENU PORN— Taylor Gourmet’s new summertime menu is out. And yes, they put peaches on a hoagie. ...

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Perpetual Shapeshifter Mission Cantina Experiments With All-Night Dollar Tacos

Source: Eater NY

This might be the last night for dollar tacos…or this could be an entirely new identity for the restaurant.

The important thing to know about Danny Bowien’s Mission Cantina is that you can’t count on eating any dish twice. Bowien is a restless chef who loves throwing things at the wall — and just because something sticks, that doesn’t mean he’ll put it on the menu for very long. Burgers, burritos, fried rabbit, Vietnamese breakfast dishes, and “San Diego fries,” have popped on and off the menu over the last year and a half.  Sometimes, ...

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Tomorrow: Federal Donuts Pop Up And More At N3RD St Market

Source: Philadelphia Magazine » Foobooz


N3RD St Farmers Market, which brings growers, farmers and makers to Old City, will host Federal Donuts, Hocks N Coqs and Food Underground (among others) tomorrow, Wednesday, July 1st, from 12 – 7pm.

We’ve already had some FedNuts news today, but for those who can’t get to their National Fried Chicken Day celebration, there’s this: A N3RD pop-up that will offer donuts all day long for $2.50/ donut or $20/ dozen. Tomorrow’s flavors are Peach Cobbler, Chocolate Tahina and Creme Brûlée.

Lunch will be a collaboration between Hocks N Coqs and Food Underground. Vegetarians and ...

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This Monstrous Swedish Pizza Is Even Worse Than Hot-Dog Pizza

Source: Grub Street NY


For some reason, people keep insisting on messing with pizza: Pizza Hut brought America the hot-dog-stuffed crust sacrilege, and now the team at Sweden’s Nya Gul & Blå pizzeria has given Swedes the Vulkan — an alleged “pizza” that, somewhat remarkably, doesn’t even appear to have a bottom.

It’s just a ring of six calzone thingies filled with cheese and a meat like bacon or prosciutto, with a salad, fries, a glop of tzatziki sauce, and a solitary banana pepper in the center.

If the hot-dog pizza begs for flatware in order to be eaten, this thing needs ...

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5 Great Places to Eat in Annapolis

Source: Washingtonian Best Bites Blog

1) Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls The ultra-fresh sandwiches at this charmer of a cafe will satisfy both camps of lobster roll lovers—those who go for cool, mayo-bound lobster salad, and those who prefer the warm Connecticut style, bound with butter. Bookend your meal with owner Dan Beck’s lightly creamy

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Bru Craft & Wurst Thinks You Could Use Another Beer Garden

Source: Eater Philly

The massive Uptown Beer Garden opens this week in Center City.

Beer gardens are hardly a rare sight these days in Philadelphia, but there’s still room left for some more worker bee- and tourist-convenient options in Center City (especially since a planned third PHS pop-up garden fell through this season). Luckily, the team behind Bru Craft & Wurst will step up with Uptown Beer Garden outside of the PNY Mellon Bank building, opening Wednesday, July 1.

The garden will run through September, boasting 9,000 square feet of outdoor drinking space, a full bar with six taps, and a casual menu ...

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Latke Poutine and Smoked Salmon Nachos Jazz Up DGS’s Mosaic Happy Hour

Source: Eater DC

Cool bar bites and nice drinks.

When the second location of DGS Delicatessen opened in the Mosaic District, one of the promises was that the restaurant would deliver a revamped, interesting bar menu to Merrifield customers. They’ve delivered.

The new happy hour runs from 3-7 p.m. daily and includes interesting choices for both diners and drinkers. There are $7 cocktails (plus discounted wine and beer) and snacks ranging from reuben egg rolls to a “Chick-Dill-A” sandwich. The full menu is below.

DGS Mosaic Bar Menu

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United Airlines Has Figured Out a Way to Turn Food Waste Into Fuel

Source: Grub Street NY

Fuel up.

Here’s an out-of-left-field addition to the group currently trying to solve America’s problem of tremendous food waste: United Airlines is about to start flying planes powered by a biofuel made from food scraps (among other household waste), farm waste, and animal fat. The innovation is not only a clever use for the half-ton of food each American household contributes to landfills every year, but it will also help reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by the largest airline in an industry noted for being one of Earth’s fastest-growing carbon polluters.

This particular alternative fuel, which the Times says could eventually ...

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Franklin Becker Plans Nomad-Area Little Beet; Les Halles Expands to Hell’s Kitchen

Source: Eater NY

Plus, plans for another Sweetgreen and two Maison Kaysers.

Healthy chef and champion of gluten free things Franklin Becker is expanding his fast casual Little Beet empire with a location right near The Nomad, says a rep. By Eater’s count, that puts the tally at four locations by this fall: the original, the random one that popped up in a Queens mall this year along with a Melt outpost, a second Midtown outlet due in August, and now this, which will serve healthy fare along Broadway sometime in the fall. In other fast casual news, D.C.’s veggie cult Sweetgreen ...

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T Street Is Either ‘Pretty Cool’ or ‘Pretty Darn Awful’ and More Critical Takes on the Jersey Shore

Source: Eater Philly

The critics go dining and drinking down the shore, plus a bonus review of South Bowl.

It’s been a very Jersey Shore week in restaurant reviews, with Inquirer critic Craig LaBan putting out the first half of his annual shore dining guide (look for the next half this coming weekend) and other journalists skipping off to Atlantic City to check out Bart Blatstein’s latest venture, T Street at The Playground.

First up, LaBan shares five dining highlights among the shore’s northern reaches, including smart raw bar and craft beer selections at the Triton and simple but standout burgers ...

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Local Drinking Clubs Keep Booze Enthusiasts Buzzing

Source: Eater DC

Drinkers test their mettle with challenges at Ambar, Old Glory and Church & State.

Drinking clubs and challenges of all varieties are popping up around D.C. One of the most unique is at Balkan restaurant Ambar. Growing up in Serbia, Uroš Smiljanić started making and drinking rakia as young as age 12. He didn’t immediately care for the taste of the clear yet potent fruit brandy. But being around it was a way to bond with his grandfather, so he sipped on.

Across that entire region, rakia is much more than a beverage. Every family has a secret recipe that’s ...

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Ford Fry Says He’s Set to Open New Restaurant on Monday


In a phone call this afternoon, Atlanta chef/restaurateur Ford Fry (JCT. Kitchen, No. 246 ,The Optimist, King + Duke, St. Cecilia, The El Felix, Superica) confirmed that if all goes well, his newest restaurant, Marcel, will open on Monday in the former Abattoir space in the Westside Provisions District.

“We should get our liquor license in the next couple of days, and we’re doing some friends and family events this week, so I see no reason why reason why we shouldn’t be ready to open the doors on Monday,” Fry said.

The upscale old school French-style steakhouse will serve lunch and dinner, with late night menus on Fridays and Saturdays, according to Fry.

The name was inspired by a French boxer, Marcellin “Marcel” Cerdan. The concept is that there is not too much concept.

“This is a restaurant where our goal is no innovation whatsoever,” Fry said.“Everyone is looking for innovation. Everyone is looking for what’s the new crazy technique. We’re just trying to buck that and go back in time towards early 1900s beefsteak dinners, when everything was about gluttony and really good flavors and a lot of classic stuff.”

As far as the atmosphere, the word is “plushy,” with classic cocktails at a new bar with a clubby feel.

“There’s some table side service. There’s a maitre d’ in a tuxedo type of thing. But there’s also some humor to it,” Fry said. “It’s going to be expensive because we’re buying high end prime meat. But we’re not trying to take ourselves too seriously.”

As to the method of cooking the steaks, Fry said there was a lot of research and a lot of different opinions, including discussions with late Esquire food writer, Joshua Ozersky, who recommended wood grilling.

“I love the wood flavor but I love the crust a high heat broiler does,” Fry said. “So what we’re going to do is start the steaks on a wood-burning grill and then move them to cast iron pans and finish by basting with butter and fresh thyme.”

Summing up, Fry said, “I didn’t want to do another classic American steakhouse. There are plenty of those in Atlanta. I wanted to spin it in a French kind of way. So I looked up the most famous French boxer and there he was.”

And on a side note, Fry said that attendees of JCT. Kitchen’s Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival on July 19 can catch glimpse of Marcel, where cocktail and a food stations will be set up for the festivities.

Songbyrd Music House Opens in AdMo with Burgers, Whiskey-Ades, and Plenty of Tunes

Source: Washingtonian Best Bites Blog

Adams Morgan boasts a new hangout on Tuesday with the arrival of Songbyrd Music House, a three-level bar and restaurant adjoining vinyl record/coffee/sandwich shop Songbyrd Record Café. Owners and neighborhood locals Alisha Edmonsonand and Joe Lapan are behind both ventures, which mix music and food in vintage-inspired spaces. “We

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Scientists Say There’s a Link Between Drinking Orange Juice and Getting Skin Cancer

Source: Grub Street NY

Sorry, Florida.

Yikes: Researchers at Brown and Harvard have discovered that eating citrus may raise a person’s risk of developing melanoma. Their study — a huge one that includes over 100,000 Americans over 26 years, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology — found that people who had a serving and a half of citrus each day were 36 percent more likely to get melanoma than people who consumed just two servings per week. (A serving was defined as an orange, half a grapefruit, or six ounces of juice.)

This could be because citrus contains lots of furocoumarins, a group ...

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