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‘Secret’ Tables at Prune; Nordic Cuisine Power Trio at NORTH Festival

Source: Eater NY

Details on two special dining events that are coming to NYC in September.

Gabrielle Hamilton’s Prune is partnering with American Express to offer “secret tables” to card-holders throughout the month of September. The way it works: If you have a Gold Amex, you can call the restaurant anytime during September and request a reservation for the “American Express Gold Table for Two.” They’re offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Seatings are at 6:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. nightly. Also, if you have a Gold card, you can show it to your sever to get a free off the menu dish ...

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Stumptown and Stephen Colbert Are a Match Made in Heaven

Source: Grub Street NY


Here’s a perfect partnership: In honor of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert premiering on September 8, Stumptown is deploying street teams in New York to hand out bottles of “Col’ Brew.” The limited-edition bottles, featuring Colbert’s portrait, are totally free — and it’s the first time Stumptown has collaborated with a brand on a bottle design. There’s no word on whether or not the bottle will be available in Stumptown shops, but it’s certainly worth a try.


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Mermaid Inn UWS Moves Down the Street to Make Way for Pizzeria Gesto

Source: Eater NY

Neapolitan-style pizzas are coming to the Mermaid Inn UWS space.

The Mermaid Inn owner and JG Melon partner Danny Abrams, and former Raoul’s managing partner Cindy Smith are gearing up to open Pizzeria Gesto this November in the space at 568 Amsterdam that housed one of The Mermaid Inn locations. The restaurant will serve individual Neapolitan style pizzas, as well as four or five pastas, four or five meat and fish dishes, and an Italian wine list. “We will also have a wide range of appetizers and antipasti,” assures Abrams. “I live on the Upper West Side and there are ...

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P.F. Chang’s Cook Stabbed to Death at Work

Source: Grub Street NY

How horrifying.

On Saturday night, a chef stabbed his co-worker in the back at a Massachusetts mall P.F. Chang’s, and there’s unfortunately nothing metaphorical about that sentence: Local police say Jaquan Huston and Elivelton Dias, two of the restaurant’s chefs, had gotten into some kind of argument, and that just as the dinner rush was starting, Huston came up behind Dias in the kitchen and fatally stabbed him with a knife. Dias, a 38-year-old who the Globe notes had fled Brazil to escape the country’s violence and just became a dad last week, was quickly transported to the closest hospital, ...

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Mason Dixie Takeover at The Argonaut; Ray’s Hell Burger Owner Files Bankruptcy Petition

Source: Eater DC

Plus, Busboys and Poets celebrates its 10th anniversary.

ATLAS DISTRICT— Mobile restaurant Mason Dixie Biscuits Co. is taking over The Argonaut this Wednesday, September 2. The menu will include fried chicken and biscuit platters, pulled pork and a roasted lamb and tomatoes sandwich with a feta, garlic, lemon yogurt spread. There will also be a free kids menu free for children under 12 and beers by Atlas Brew Works. [EaterWire]

MT. VERNON TRIANGLE— Washington Business Journal reports 449 K Street LLC, a company managed by Ray’s Hell Burger and Ray’s the Steaks owner Michael Landrum, has filed a Chapter 11 ...

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Teen Chef Flynn McGarry to Open Thee-Day-a-Week Tasting Counter in the West Village

America’s #1 teen chef is headed to the West Village.

16-year-old chef Flynn McGarry is gearing up to open a tasting menu project called Eureka NYC, which will operate out of a catering company on Washington Street called Creative Edge for three nights a week starting on September 12. McGarry — who was featured on the cover of The New York Times Magazine food issue last year — will serve 14-course menus for $160 (tax and tip included), with optional wine pairings for $80. The chef will prepare things like sea water-brined urchin with carrots and Ritz crackers with foie. He tells Kate Krader: “Peanut butter and Ritz is everyone’s favorite snack, not just mine…They’re fun, but a pain in the ass. I make the ridges on each cracker with a toothpick.”

Word on the street is that Flynn is planning to host this pop-up for approximately eight months, although you never know — maybe if it’s a big hit, it will stick around longer. As you may recall, he cooked at a version of this pop-up in NYC earlier this year. McGarry has been doing pop-ups for the last few years, and he’s also staged at some of the most acclaimed restaurants in the world, including Eleven Madison Park and Maeemo in Norway. Tickets for Eureka NYC are available online.

Phyllis Stein-Novack Finds Disappointment, Mystery Clams at Heritage

Source: Eater Philly

Plus, Adam Erace finds Indian food that may suffice in Queen Village.

This week in restaurant reviews, the South Philly Review‘s Phyllis Stein-Novack headed up to Northern Liberties to appraise Heritage, settling on a lackluster rating of one-and-a-half tips of the toque (translation: poor to fair). It came as a bit of a surprise after her statement of a few weeks ago, that her “top priority” would be to review South Philly restaurants worthy of her recommendation and to implement the “if you can’t find anything nice to say…” principle by avoiding negative reviews.

But she did ...

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Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: Ten D.C. Restaurants Open All Day

Source: Eater DC

These spots don’t break between lunch and dinner

During a busy workday or fun-filled weekend afternoon, it’s easy to forget to eat lunch until 3 p.m.— when most restaurants take an afternoon break between lunch and dinner. Not to worry, though: There are plenty of D.C. establishments (besides Chipotle) that will happily fill a grumbling belly for late lunchers and the early-bird special crowd. Here’s a guide to 10 D.C. area restaurants that serve their full menu all afternoon with no break between lunch and dinner.

Have another favorite for dining in-between lunch and dinner? Share in the comments.

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Teen Chef Flynn McGarry Is Opening Eureka in New York

Source: Grub Street NY

This is his first permanent restaurant.

Sixteen-year-old wunderkind Flynn McGarry is bringing his Los Angeles pop-up, Eureka, to New York — permanently! — on September 12. He’ll launch the twelve-seat, reservations-only spot in the Creative Edge space in the West Village, where he’ll serve a 14-course tasting menu three days of the week.

The menu will include one of his signatures — peanut Ritz crackers with foie-gras terrine and sour-cherry compote — as well as sea-water-brined sea urchin with carrot cremeaux, and coffee-pickled carrots and dishes. Ticketed reservations can be made through the restaurant’s website, and dinner costs $160, ...

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Nine Great Places to Eat Okonomiyaki in NYC

Source: Eater NY

Of all the Japanese culinary passions, okonomiyaki has been the slowest to be embraced by Americans. The name means “cook what you like,” and what you like is a gooey pancake that can contain all sorts of added ingredients that, back in Japan, you often get to pick. The choices run to squid, shrimp, bean sprouts, corn, pork, natto (fermented soybeans), bean curd, cabbage, bacon, enoki mushrooms, green onions, pickled ginger, egg, Velveeta (!), and even ramen noodles. The savory pancake originated in Osaka, but became popular all over the country in cafes and street carts. Typically, the top of ...

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Thip Khao is Closing for a Few Days

Source: Eater DC

They’re making renovations and reopening Friday.

Reminder! We will be closed August 31 through September 3 for renovations. If you really need a Lao fix join us at Bangkok Golden! Thank you for your patience.

Posted by Thip Khao by Chef Seng on Monday, August 24, 2015

Thip Khao is taking a break — but not for long.

The Lao restaurant is closing today through Thursday for some renovations. For those willing to travel, the owner’s similarly-themed Bangkok Golden in Falls Church will be open during that time. When they reopen, they’ll have some new menu items and drinks.

Chef ...

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Preview Restaurant Neuf at American Sardine Bar

Source: Philadelphia Magazine » Foobooz

Fennel Three Ways

Fennel Three Ways; one of the dishes at the Restaurant Neuf preview at American Sardine Bar | Photo via Instagram

Joncarl Lachman’s Restaurant Neuf is set to open on Wednesday, September 16th if all goes well. And on Tuesday, September 8th, Lachman and Best of Philly winning bartender, Jesse Cornell (who will be the  head man at Neuf) are offering a preview at American Sardine Bar.

Cornell will be testing out several cocktails including a Cynnar Sour and a riff on a cognac French 75. While the wine will feature Southern French and even Moroccan offerings, Cornell will play around ...

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The Week in Food Events: Epicurience Food Festival, Mad Fox’s Vegan Beer Dinner

Source: Washingtonian Best Bites Blog

Factory sessions: Dolcezza Factory near Union Market hosts Baby Bry Bry & The Apologists on Monday for a performance at 8. Stumptown Coffee Roasters provides guests with a complimentary coffee, while cans of DC Brau will also be available for purchase. Tickets ($10) are available online. The event is

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Like a True New York Foodie, President Barack Obama Laments the Loss of H & H Bagels

Source: Eater NY

The President of the United States has impeccable taste in restaurants.

As a Columbia student in the early 80s, Barack Obama would hoof it 40 blocks south to get a bagel with schmear at H & H. This proves that Obama always had great taste in restaurants. “I was always a big poppy seed guy,” the President tells the Forward. Lox and bagels okay…but generally just your basic schmear.” Of course, H & H is no more — it shuttered in 2011. The President describes its closure as “shocking.”

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Dinner on Drew: $30 Saving Dining Loop Begins September 1

Source: Atlanta Restaurant Blog

On September 1, 2015, Chef Drew Van Leuvan of Seven Lamps, Tavernpointe and GRAIN, will introduce a simple dining program that rewards patrons of his restaurants. Dinner for You, On Drew! is a circular dine-around program that allows diners at each restaurant to take $30 off of a food purchase at the next restaurant in […]

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Potomac Grill Closes After Ten Years in Rockville

Source: Eater DC

The owner says he is heartbroken over the decision.

Potomac Grill is closing in Rockville. The owner noted the closing (first reported by Rockville Nights) on the restaurant’s Facebook page:

The restaurant operated for about ten years at 1093 Rockville Pike, serving steaks, seafoods and similar offerings.

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New Menus And A New Season At Volver

Source: Philadelphia Magazine » Foobooz


Menu testing at Volver | Photos by Joni Nimrod


A couple weeks back, we got the chance to bop over to Volver and sit in on one of their menu testing sessions for the new season. It was a pretty cool experience (read: super-cool, and basically one of my favorite parts of this job–getting to witness the way chefs think and work when they’re not in the thick of service), and also represented our first look at what the menu at Volver might look like in this new season.

Well now, with the scheduled resumption of service set ...

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Union Promises to Spend ‘Whatever It Takes’ to Fight McDonald’s

Source: Grub Street NY

There’s plenty more to spend.

Fight for 15 has been McDonald’s biggest labor headache for more than a year now, as the group has quietly poured millions into demonstrations nationwide. Now it seems that its chief organizer, the Service Employees International Union‘s Scott Courtney, is adopting a more vocal role, timed with news that people are taking the fight with McDonald’s overseas. In Sunday’s Guardian, Courtney tells longtime labor reporter Steven Greenhouse that last week’s National Labor Relations Board pro-union ruling was great, and Fight for 15 plans to spend “whatever it takes to sustain the movement.”


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Cooper River Whiskey Heads into the Wild

cooper-river-single-run-whiskey-400Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 1st, Cooper River Distillers is going to be distributing its Single Run Series Whiskey outside of the distillery for the first time. 22 bottles of the whiskey will make their way to Benash Liquors in Cherry Hill (2405 Route 38).

It is the third run Cooper River has done of whiskey and it is distilled from a base of locally brewed beer. In this case, the whiskey is distilled from Saint Benjamin’s Foul Weather Jack English Mild. We were lucky to get a taster of an earlier Single Run whiskey (made with Saint Benjamin’s IPA) and were very impressed with the results. 

Cooper River’s Single Run Whiskey is the first whiskey that has been distilled, aged, and sold in New Jersey in a long time, perhaps even since Prohibition.

But with just 22 bottles in this run, it won’t last long.

Cooper River Distillers [Foobooz]

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