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José Andrés and Costas Spiliadis to Open Hudson Yards Restaurants

Source: Eater NY

Thomas Keller is helping to curate the dozen restaurants at the mega development.

The upcoming Thomas Keller-curated restaurant collection at Hudson Yards just added two major new names: Spanish restaurant pioneer and “food hero” chef José Andrés, and Greek seafood restaurateur Costas Spiliadis, according to the developer. Andrés, who announced his first New York restaurant earlier this year, will be opening a to-be-revealed Spanish-inspired restaurant, while Spiliadis will open another location of his Midtown Greek seafood restaurant Estiatorio Milos.

Hudson Yards, a 28-acre mixed-use development over train tracks by Related Companies, has been bulking up on big ...

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National Restaurant Association Plans to Sue the City Over Salt Warnings

Source: Eater NY

The salt wars are heating up.

Tomorrow, chain restaurants with more than 15 locations will be required to add salt warnings next to the high-sodium dishes on their NYC menus. And today, the National Restaurant Association — a trade organization representing more than 380,000 businesses — announces its plan to sue the New York City Department of Health over this new regulation. The group’s basic argument is that the city shouldn’t apply a nutritional information rule to chain restaurants, only, and the powers that be shouldn’t force restaurants to make costly upgrades to their operations. NRA spokesperson Christin Fernandez ...

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Bryan and Michael Voltaggio team up to open steakhouse at MGM National Harbor

Source: Baltimore Sun -- Baltimore Diner Blog

The brothers Voltaggio are teaming up for the first time to open a steakhouse at the MGM National Harbor casino.

Chefs Bryan and Michael Voltaggio are among the star-studded lineup of chefs that will lead the culinary program at the Prince George’s County gaming venue. Other big names opening their…

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Celebrate Repeal Day with all-star bartenders, burlesque performers and craft cocktails

Source: Washington Post Going Out Guide

So many fantastic cocktails at #RepealDayBall tonight … A photo posted by Fritz Hahn (@fritzhahn) on Dec 6, 2014 at 9:44pm PST On Dec. 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment was ratified, ending the 13-year-long national nightmare known as Prohibition. Eighty-two years later, we’re still celebrating our constitutional right to enjoy a stiff drink or a […]

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Celebrate Repeal Day with all-star bartenders, burlesque performers and craft cocktails

Source: Washington Post Going Out Guide

Celebrate Repeal Day with all-star bartenders, burlesque performers and craft cocktails On Dec. 5, 1933, the 21st Amendment was ratified, ending the 13-year-long national nightmare known as Prohibition. Eighty-two years later, we’re still celebrating our constitutional right to enjoy a stiff drink or a cold beer. Here’s where to celebrate one of America’s most important holidays. Repeal Day Ball The DC Craft Bartenders Guild’s annual […]

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The National Restaurant Association Plans to Sue the DOH Over Salt Labeling

Source: Grub Street NY

It’s lawsuit time.

That didn’t take long. The National Restaurant Association, a lobbying group representing the industry as a whole, plans to sue New York City’s Department of Health over a new rule, set to take effect tomorrow, that requires restaurants with 15 or more locations nationwide to mark items that have at least 2,300 milligrams of salt with a cautionary emblem. An NRA spokesperson tells Politico New York that while the Board of Health says this new rule is aimed at corporate chains, it’s really an attack on small businesses and the “latest assault which goes too far, too ...

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Pleasant Pops Co-Owner on Obama’s Visit: ‘It Was Awesome’

Source: Washington City Paper Young & Hungry

On Saturday, Pleasant Pops co-owner Roger Horowitz was sitting in the back seat of his mother-in-law’s car, doing errands, when he got a once-in-a-lifetime text from the on-duty manager at his Adams Morgan cafe: “POTUS here in five.”

He thought it might have been a joke.

“We had very little notice,” Horowitz says, of President Barack Obama‘s visit during D.C.’s sixth annual Small Business Saturday. “We’ve had some famous customers that I’ve recognized before, like Ben Olsen from D.C. United, but no one like ...

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Brooklyn bakery Robicelli’s has Baltimore in its sights

Source: Baltimore Sun -- Baltimore Diner Blog

With its affordable rent and unique charm, Baltimore became an attractive prospect for the popular New York City bakery Robicelli’s, which recently announced plans to relocate here in 2016.

Married owners Allison and Matt Robicelli fell in love with the city after being lured to the region by an…

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Beer Town: Holiday gifts for beer lovers

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution


The holidays are here again, and that means it’s time for the annual Beer Town Gifts For Beer Lovers. Consider this the Cyber Monday edition.

As always, we like to point out that beer lovers love beer. And every year, we like to recommend giving the beer lover on your list something new, fresh and local from one of our great Georgia craft breweries.

A good place to start is the AJC’s list of 25 of Georgia’s best beers that I complied in September. In case you missed it, you can still find it here.

Books about beer ...

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Uni Pizza Purveyor Prova Cools its Ovens

The owners of the Chelsea pizzeria claim that this is a temporary closure.

Prova, the third pizzeria in five years at 184 8th Ave, is closed for the moment. The restaurant was the brainchild of Sushi Nakazawa partner Maurizio de Rosa, restaurateur/TV personality Donatella Arpaia, and members of the Ribalta team. It opened about a year ago with a menu that included a pizza topped with squid ink and lobes of uni. Here’s the sign in the window:

The team has not announced where it might be headed next.

Five years ago, Donatella Arpaia opened her pizzeria Donatella in this space. It closed in January 2014, and Heartwood, another Donatella-affiliated pizzeria, opened in its place a few months later with a pizza inspired by Peter Luger. That restaurant lasted about half a year, and Prova moved in two months after its demise. Hopefully, someone can salvage that Stefano Ferrara oven, which currently has red tiles on its exterior but originally had gold and white ones that spelled “Donatella.”

Microbreweries Say Calorie Counts Will Be Ruinously Expensive

Source: Grub Street NY

Pliny doesn’t need your chain menu anyway.

When calorie counts arrive next year on chain-restaurant menus, per federal mandate, the beer selection could take a turn for the worse. The FDA stuck breweries with the cost of making beers comply with the new regulation — and the small ones are learning that ain’t cheap.

While shoveling out $600 and waiting weeks for an official calorie count is no problem for Budweiser, the microbreweries worry undercapitalized pockets and constantly changing lineups could be their undoing if the goal is obtaining a spot on a chain’s menu. “There’s no way ...

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Crisp Kitchen + Bar Brings Nashville Hot Chicken to Bloomingdale

Source: Washingtonian Best Bites Blog

Chef Alex McCoy made it to the Food Network Star final four and is working on an ambitious Southeast Asian restaurant in Petworth, but that doesn’t mean he overlooks the simpler foods in life.“The whole idea behind this menu was to take things back a couple notches,” says McCoy

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Sticky Rice to host pop culture-themed cocktail class Tuesday

Source: Baltimore Sun -- Baltimore Diner Blog

“Bottled Pop: Punch Cocktail Class,” a class Tuesday at Sticky Rice Baltimore, will blend one part pop culture and one part alcohol. 

Taught by Ginny Lawhorn of Sticky Rice and Landmark Theatre Harbor East and Lindsay DiFabbio of Johnny’s, participants will learn how to name a create pop-culture…

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Chain Restaurants Will Start Telling You About Their Saltiest Items Tomorrow

Source: Eater NY

Menu items with more than a teaspoon of sodium will have salt shaker labels next to them.

New Yorkers will start seeing warnings for high salt foods on chain restaurant menus as early as Tuesday, according to the AP. Mayor Bill de Blasio’s new law, which passed earlier this year, forces restaurants to mark menu items containing more than the daily recommended amount of sodium — 2,300 milligrams, or about a teaspoon — with a black-and-white salt shaker icon. Consuming too much sodium has been linked to health issues like high blood pressure and heart disease, and the rule ...

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Cyber Monday Deal: Philly Cooks

Source: Philadelphia Magazine » Foobooz

philly-cooks-400We here at Philadelphia magazine can get into the Cyber Monday bonanza too. Today, Monday, November 30th you can receive $5 off of the early bird ticket price for Philly Cooks, your chance to meet Philadelphia’s top chefs and try their food under one roof.

Philly Cooks is happening on Tuesday, February 16th from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Center City Marriott. In addition to all of the food, there will also be hand-crafted cocktails, live music, a dessert lounge and much more.

Use the promotional code CYBER to get your discount. Early bird pricing ends 12/31/2015.

Philly Cooks [Philadelphia Magazine]


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Opening Tonight: Tredici Enoteca

Source: Philadelphia Magazine » Foobooz

tredici-enotecaTonight, the owners of Zavino in Midtown Village and University City debut the opening of another restaurant right across the street.

Greg Dodge of Zavino Hospitality Group introduces Tredici Enoteca at 13th and Sansom Streets, across from its sister restaurant. The Enoteca, which means “wine repository,” will serve Mediterranean-style cuisine with a focus on an affordable and diverse Italian wine bar.

The drink selection provides premium wines by the bottle, glass, or through the cruvient, a six-bottle preserving system at the bar. Similar to a draft system, the wines will be kept fresh, temperature controlled and served by the glass.

With a large variety of ...

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New York’s Craziest Sandwiches Strike Back

This decade might be dubbed the Era of Crazy Sandwiches, because every day more seem to appear. Consider them mini works of art: not only are many fun to eat (in some cases, only if you can figure out how to do so), but they’re beautiful to look at. Others are simply over the top, such as the Freight Train from Zaro’s in the Grand Central Dining Concourse, which is a study in modern excess.

Here, then, is our fourth collection of strange sandwiches.

Freight Train — Of course it’s not good for you, isn’t that the whole point of this bizarrely overstuffed breakfast sandwich? It contains three eggs, four strips of bacon, two sausage patties, two slices of boiled ham, two slices of American cheese, and — here’s the coup-de-grâce — a layer of fried hash browns. This surfeit of ingredients is deposited on a croissant, which is fat-intensive by itself. For dieters, you can also get it on a bialy. The cost? $10.99, but that’s not bad for two meals worth of calories. Find it at: Zaro’s Bakery, Grand Central Dining Concourse, 89 E 42nd St, (212) 292-0160

French Toast — While we’re on the subject of crazy breakfast sandwiches, this delicious absurdity features two slices of brioche French toast, real salt-cured country ham, eggs scrambled with cheese, and fig jam. At this point you could actually hold it in your hands and eat it, but pour over the maple syrup as shown in the picture, and you’ll have to resort to a knife and fork. This is really one of the best things we’ve tasted all year, though depressingly low on vegetables. Find it at: The Heyward, 258 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, (718) 384-1990

Marinated Garbanzo Beans — Weird vegetarian and vegan sandwiches are having their time in the spotlight. Rather than the usual egg salad or sliced cheese on whole wheat with mayo, such newfangled sandwicheries as Portland’s Bunk are exploring the creative use of vegetables, often pickled. Such is the case with this garbanzo contraption, featuring pickled whole beans, hot peppers, arugula, and feta to put a Greek spin on things. It tastes great and fills you up, and no one’s going to blame you if you put the free potato chips inside the sandwich. Find it at: Bunk Sandwiches, 740 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, (347) 763-0434

Hot Sage Sausage — It looks a bit ungainly, doesn’t it? A thick link of sausage shoved into a mangled slice of white bread. Yet nothing could be better or cheaper than this North Carolina standard, with the poofy bread sopping every drop of drippings, keeping your hands relatively pristine. And the sausage itself is so strongly flavored with herbs and hot chiles that you’ll crave the bland effect of supermarket white bread. Find it at: Carolina Country Store, 2001 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, (718) 498-8033

Fried Chicken — The big mystery that surrounds the fried chicken sandwich — which features full pieces of fried chicken, bone and all — is how the hell do you eat the thing? Certainly, you can take a first bite of flesh and bread, and maybe a second, but eventually you’re going to have to deal with bone. One technique involves taking a bite and gnawing at the bone en passant as you do so; another involves stripping the flesh from the bone and re-stuffing the sandwich, while keeping the bone on the side to be chewed on later. It’s totally up to you. Find it at: Mitchell’s Soul Food, 617A Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, (718) 789-3212

Egg and Spam Banh Mi — Vietnamese banh mis usually fall into eight or so expected categories, stuffed with combinations of ham, head cheese, pork pâté, barbecued beef, sardines, and grilled chicken. But every so often, an unusual variation appears such as this one, overstuffed with soft scrambled eggs and Spam. And who doesn’t love Spam, as long as it’s in your sandwich and not in your inbox? Find it at: Luu’s Baguette, 134 E 26th St, (212) 679-8881

Aloo and Paneer Tikka Pav — A pav is a street snack specialty of Mumbai (formerly, Bombay), on India’s west coast. Originating around 1950 and showing both Portuguese and British influences, it consists of a roll something like a Parker House stuffed with a number of possible fillings, often vegetarian. This oddball example mixes tandoori-cooked fresh cheese (paneer) with masala potatoes to great effect, served in a puddle of verdant green chutney tasting of cilantro and green onions. Find it at: Desi Galli, 101 Lexington Ave, (212) 683-2292

Rock IV Hero — Named after the 1985 movie in which Rocky’s friend Apollo Creed is beaten to death by Russian boxer Ivan Drago, this sub, if you eat the whole thing, is something like being beaten to death with mashed potatoes. Indeed, spuds and not roast beef is the primary filling component, aided by gooey white provolone cheese and a weird gravy containing big pieces of orange carrot. Flail away! Find it at: Drive-In Sandwiches, 690 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, (917) 387-3271

Avocado and Asparagus Tartine — A tartine is a French open-faced construction served on a piece of split baguette. In this case, the sandwich is first smeared with ripe avocado and then layered with arugula, shaved parmesan, steamed asparagus, and pumpkin seeds, at which time a poached egg is put on top, making a godawful mess when you bite into it. Better to assay the thing with a knife and fork. Find it at: Tartinery, Hudson Eats, 225 Liberty St, (646) 755-8484

Doubles — “Doubles” is both singular and plural, and designates a Trinidadian sandwich made by taking a pair of miniature pooris and stuffing them with a lively chick pea curry. At your discretion, a pair of chutneys are then squirted on, one made with tamarind and called “tamarind,” the other made with Scotch bonnet chiles and dubbed, “pepper.” This small sandwich can usually be purchased for a dollar or two, and is supremely delicious. It’s also vegan. A & A Bake & Doubles Shop, 481 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, (917) 892-9562

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Meal-Kit Deliveries Are Actually Terrible for the Environment

Source: Grub Street NY

Ultimately a bunch of garbage.

Turns out there’s a dark side to America’s new obsession with meal-kit deliveries: Sure, they can be convenient and healthy, but they produce a whole lot of trash. Since kits usually ship every week, and all ingredients, down to sprigs of parsley or a clove of garlic, come individually packaged, the waste produced by just one is immense, BuzzFeed noticed — a troubling realization for users, considering they’re probably also the types committed to BYO grocery totes.

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A first look at new Fells Point restaurant from Fork & Wrench owners

Source: Baltimore Sun -- Baltimore Diner Blog

When Modern Cook Shop opens in Fells Point, you could conceivably walk in a dozen times and never have the same experience. Whether you’re grabbing a morning coffee and newspaper, taking a charcuterie plate to go, staying for a a dine-in meal, picking up sugar and butter, or purchasing ingredients to…

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