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Where To Eat This Weekend: Taiwan, Nashville, Jupiter and Mars

Source: Philadelphia Magazine » Foobooz

Gwa bao, guo tie, and ruen bing at Baology/Photo by Alex Tewfik

It has been a long week. But here you are, at the end of the work-week, start of the weekend, and if you’re anything like us, you have one big question: Where should we go to eat?

But have no fear. We’re here to help. Whether you’re looking for barbecue, hot chicken, bao and potstickers or cocktails named after planets, we’ve got you covered with five things you should be paying attention to this weekend. And let’s kick things off with…

Booze, Blues and BBQ

The first ...

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HOBNOB Tavern opening in Brookhaven and other food news of the week

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

Photo by Ligaya Figueras.

HOBNOB Neighborhood Tavern will be opening its second location in Town Brookhaven on July 10. Along with tavern fare and southern dishes, the restaurant will feature an extensive beverage menu, including craft beer, cocktails and boozy milkshakes. HOBNOB Tavern will open in the former Smash Kitchen & Bar space at 804 Town Blvd., Ste. 1010, and will be open for lunch, dinner and brunch.

Also new to Town Brookhaven is a new build your own pizza joint, PizzaFire. The customizable pizza place opened last week. It is the first location for the Ohio-based franchise, which has ...

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Han Dynasty Owner Says Member of “Racist” Wedding Party Fractured His Ankle

Source: Philadelphia Magazine » Foobooz

Han Dynasty/Facebook

Han Dynasty’s Han Chiang will be the first to tell you he doesn’t shy away from a verbal scrap, whether it’s with a guest in his restaurant complaining about the heat of his dishes or a group of wedding celebrants allegedly throwing racist remarks his way outside his place.

It was the latter, Chiang says, that landed him in the hospital with a fractured ankle early on Friday morning.

A group of at least four men and a couple of women — accounts vary — who were celebrating a wedding stopped by an Old City brewpub next to ...

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Restaurants Local Chefs Escape to Right Around D.C.

Source: Eater DC

They crave Chinese food and frozen custard, just like anybody else

Skipping town to go on some far-flung dining adventure is a luxury most working chefs cannot afford. But hospitality professionals have to eat, too, right?

Eater polled members of the restaurant community about the tried-and-true places they race off to for must-have meals. Some provided rather elaborate eating agendas (stay tuned.)

For this installment, Eater focused on spots within an hour drive from the District.

Restaurants Local Chefs Escape to Right Around D.C.
[Esra Erol]

Road Trip Week archive.

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The Best Dish at Any Greek Diner Is the Spinach Pie

Source: Eater NY

Get it while diners are still around

There are a lot of middle-aged guys here at George’s Diner & Cafe in Westchester Square in the Bronx. The one across the aisle from me in a tracksuit, bandana, and sunglasses is making his way through three eggs and bacon. The suits nearby eat meatloaf and mash with tostones on the side.

From the outside, George’s looks like a storefront bodega, but inside, it fulfills all of my criteria for a true Greek diner. It has comfortable booths — in this case, blue-and-red vinyl hugging sparkly blue formica-topped tables, personable counter service ...

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Fun and Quirky Father’s Day Deals

Source: Eater DC

From free entrees to bottomless bourbon cocktails

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18, and lots of restaurants are in on the action. Unlike Mother’s Day, where deals are flowing with flowers and mimosas, for dad’s day, restaurants are cashing in on dad’s frugality, no care for calorie counts, and laziness (lots of spots are open late).

Here are some of the best deals in town:

For a free meal…

At All Set Restaurant & Bar (8630 Fenton St., Silver Spring, Md.) dad gets a free meal with the purchase of any entree (of equal or greater value) after 4 p.m. ...

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Bob Townsend’s Beer Pick: Hi-Wire Gose

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

Asheville’s NC, Hi-Wire Brewing beers only recently became available in the Atlanta market.

Known for approachable and balanced lagers and ales, such as Hi-Wire Lager, Bed of Nails Brown, and Hi-Pitch Mosaic IPA, the company also produces a good number wild and sour ales, including Hi-Wire Gose.

Gose is a style that that’s been enjoying an unlikely surge in popularity over the past few years, with an appealing tart, fruity and refreshing profile that’s perfect for summer sipping.

So in honor of the Hi-Wire Atlanta launch, Hi-Wire Gose is this week’s Beer Pick.

Beer Pick

Hi-Wire Gose
Hi-Wire Brewing, Asheville, ...

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Ask Eater: What’s a Not-Too-Fancy Italian Restaurant with Cool Vibes?

Source: Eater NY

In this Ask Eater, an out-of-towner is looking for Italian-American with a nice atmosphere

Welcome to Ask Eater, a column from Eater New York where the site’s editors, reporters, and critics answer specific or baffling restaurant requests from readers and friends. A new question and answer will run every Thursday. Have a question for us? Submit your question in this form.

Hi Eater,

I’m traveling to NYC for a girls vacation with another friend. For our first night, we’re looking for something with a nice atmosphere, view is a plus! Probably looking for Italian or American food. Cool ...

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Wade’s, coming to Smyrna in July, will serve sandwiches and cocktails on its rooftop deck

Source: Atlanta Magazine

A rendering of Wade’sCourtesy of E+E Architecture Chef Jason McClure, formerly of Villains (the quirky Midtown sandwich shop that closed in 2014) and Flip Burger Boutique, is opening Wade’s, a casual, modern American restaurant in Smyrna in late July. Named after his father, Wade’s will anchor a small park at 1061 Concord Road and strives to cater to young families in the area. “I’ve worked ITP my whole career but lived in Smyrna for 15 years. I wanted to be a part of my community directly and build something that really served Smyrna,” McClure says. He will serve as front-of-house ...

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Dovecote Café plans Juneteenth celebration with games, trivia, demonstrations, and more

Source: Baltimore City Paper - Feedbag

Juneteenth marks the time when slaves belatedly found out they had been freed. The Emancipation Proclamation officially freed “all persons held as slaves within any State or designated part of a State,” on Jan. 1, 1864, but slaves in Texas didn’t get the news until June 19, 1865.

It’s celebrated…

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Brooklyn’s Avocado Bar Is Scouting Manhattan Locations

Source: Eater NY

Avocaderia is already dreaming of its very own fast-casual chain

The wildly busy Avocaderia that opened in Industry City in April suggests that the world needs more avocados and thus, more avocado bars. So avocabros and native Italians Francesco Brachetti, Alberto Gramini, and Alessandro Biggi have been scouting locations in Manhattan, with hopes that the 450 square-foot Brooklyn spot is merely the incubator for a fast-casual chain.

“If you can prove your concept here, you can do it anywhere,” Brachetti told QSR Magazine.

The shop has been going full throttle since its debut, which has included several noteworthy ...

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In Three Short Years, Creature Comforts Has Become Georgia’s Hottest Brewery

Source: Eater Atlanta

Co-founder Adam Beauchamp discusses rapid expansion, future growth, and why Athens is a perfect home for the brewery

If you live in metro Atlanta and are a fan of craft beer, you have probably considered leaving work early, or driving clear across town so that you could get to a beer shop to grab a six pack of Creature Comforts before it sold out in record time. Since the Athens brewery’s debut just over three years ago, Creature Comforts has made some of the most in-demand beers in the south. Since its debut, Creature Comforts’s Tropicalia has been the most ...

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Smorgasburg’s Seasonal Restaurant 180 Tenth Is Good for Booze and Snacks

Source: Eater NY

In a first look, Sietsema says plan on dinner elsewhere

As restaurateurs struggle to find new formulas for success in the face of a brutal business environment, the seasonal restaurant is one option. These eateries, which often take advantage of nontraditional real estate, exist only in warmer months. Many have no indoor seating and little shelter from the rain, and kitchens that could best be described as rudimentary.

The latest is 180 Tenth — from Smorgasburg founders Eric Demby and Jonathan Butler — located in a spectacular location in front of The High Line Hotel in Chelsea. The restaurant occupies ...

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People Are Now Using Coke As a Self-tanner Instead of Drinking It

Source: Grub Street NY

Coke: It’s gotta be good for something, right? With so many bottles nowadays gathering dust on supermarket shelves, it seems like a good time to test out some new applications — like a replacement for tanning lotion. As several beauty magazines point

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Get All-Day Breakfast, Bourbon Shakes at the Hilton Brother’s Southern Diner 

Source: Washingtonian Food

Washington’s diner boomlet has ushered in a series of new-wave spins on the American classic, including a vegan diner (Fare Well), an upscale diner (Community), and Ari’s Diner, which doubles as an Italian trattoria come evening. The newest addition: Crimson Diner, a Southern eatery from brother-restaurateurs Ian and Eric Hilton (Chez Billy Sud, Brixton, American […]

Get All-Day Breakfast, Bourbon Shakes at the Hilton Brother’s Southern Diner ” was first published on Washingtonian.

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Maso, Chix Quietly Vacate D.C

Source: Eater DC

The District’s down a pair of fast-casual eateries

A couple of fast-casual restaurants have called it quits in recent weeks, leaving D.C. diners with one less smoothie/sandwich shop, as well as erasing a Latin-style chicken option.

DOWNTOWN—Two-year-old sandwich/salad/smoothie stand Maso (1145 19th Street NW) hung it up June 2. “We want to thank you for your loyalty and support all this time … We’ve seen the same faces every day and this made us feel part of the community,” management wrote in a farewell note tacked to the front door. The sign off mentioned the “possibility that we will ...

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