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France Is on the Brink of a Major Croissant Crisis

Source: Grub Street NY

Pastry under fire. France is experiencing a butter shortage, causing a potential crisis of unprecedented magnitude: Croissant prices might go up. The shortage, as reported by Reuters, is the result of rising demand for butter coupled with reduced milk production. This has in turn caused butter prices to double …

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Snapchat Taste Test: We tried out this corny gadget

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

The Butter Once corn butter knife is the first gadget we have tested on Snapchat Taste Test. Photo by Rachel Taylor

We love corn on the cob, but spreading butter can get messy. We put the Butter Once corn butter knife to the test to see if the ergonomic handle and curved scoop help us get perfect butter coverage on our corn. Check out how this gadget compares to a normal butter knife:



Snapchat Taste Test: New Blue Bunny Ice Cream products

Add these recipes to your Memorial Day cookout menu

Stock Up: Three Things You Need for Your ...

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Dunkin’ Donuts May Owe Free Buttered Treats to Thousands of Customers

Source: Grub Street NY

A Massachusetts man who sued 23 different Dunkin’ Donuts stores, after learning they gave him a butter substitute on his bagels, may have scored free pastries for thousands of customers. Jan Polanik took the chain to court last month, saying he’d been ordering real butter but …

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Are You Gonna Eat That? Sona Creamery’s Pop Rocks Butter

Source: Washington City Paper Young & Hungry

The Dish: Pop Rocks butter and bread

Where: Sona Creamery, 660 Pennsylvania Ave. SE; (202) 758-3556; sonacreamery.com

Price: A bread basket with half an ounce of Pop Rocks butter will run you $3.50. Extra butter is available by request for an additional $2. The butter is also on Sona’s cheese platters: Choose from three cheeses for $18, five for $27, or 10 for $50.

What It Is: Creamy butter mixed with salt and unflavored Pop Rocks, which are just called carbonated crystals. These aren’t the watermelon or strawberry-flavored Pop Rocks from your childhood days: Sona uses ...

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