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Is New York Ready for Insect Ice Cream?

Source: Grub Street NY

There are plenty of excellent places to eat ice cream in New York right now — but none, to Grub’s knowledge, have ever offered bugs as a topping. This Sunday, that will change when Fany Gerson adds grasshoppers to the menu at La Newyorkina, her popular Greenwich …

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Hope You’re Ready for Bags of Whole-Roasted Crickets

Source: Grub Street NY

Looking for a new kind of wings to serve during the Final Four? A Texas-based company called Aspire Food Group suggests you grab a bag of Aketta, its new brand of snack crickets that come in five very potato-chippy flavors, like Texas BBQ and Sour Cream …

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Would you eat this snack made from crickets?

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

Chapul cricket bars

People in other parts of the world eat insects. Would you?

Insects are a cheap source of protein, one reason why food manufacturers are jumping on the sustainable bug grub bandwagon. The latest is Chapul, a brand of energy bar made with cricket powder. Chapul bars hit the shelves of all Publix Grocery Stores in Georgia last week.

Chapul offers four varieties of bars: Chaco, which holds peanut butter and chocolate; Thai, offering the flavors of coconut, ginger and lime; Matcha, with matcha tea, goji berries and dried nori; and the Aztec that features dark chocolate, ...

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I Entered a Cricket-Eating Contest

Source: Washington City Paper Young & Hungry

me eating cricket competition

“I ate a scorpion once, but it was at the bottom of a vodka bottle, so at the time it seemed like a good idea,” says the guy sitting next to me. He’s idly sucking on a scorpion lollipop as he and my fellow contesants wait apprehensively for the competition to begin. What competition, you ask? A cricket-eating one, of course.

Earlier today, Ehrlich Pest Control partnered with the Occidental Grill & Seafood to open a one-day pop-up “pestaurant” to raise awareness about pest control. Guests were welcomed to graze, for free, on delicacies such as roasted locusts, Mexican spice mealworms, ...

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