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Kid Rock’s ‘Senate Run’ Could Be a Marketing Stunt for a Restaurant

Source: Grub Street NY

If the thought of Kid Rock occupying Michigan senator Debbie Stabenow’s office terrifies you, here’s some reassuring news from the eagle-eyed people at Crain’s Detroit Business: Robert Ritchie, as the rap-rocker is actually known, hasn’t filed any FEC paperwork yet for his self-proclaimed 2018 Senate run, but by …

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2017 Is the Year of the Square Pizza

Source: Grub Street NY

With few exceptions, New York has always been a round-pie, thin-crust town. (They don’t call it a “regular” slice for nothing.) Recently, though, the square has stepped into the spotlight, thanks largely to an obscure midwestern interloper called Detroit-style pizza, which arrived in Williamsburg last spring and proceeded …

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Restaurant Game Set to Change Forever When ‘World’s First’ Combination IHOP-Applebee’s Opens Next Year

Source: Grub Street NY

Restaurants, and specifically restaurant chains, have had a rough go of it lately, with many also-rans closing shop or otherwise entering financial-crisis mode. Even the major players have to figure out new ways to attract Americans who are now content to eat a diet that consists …

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Now Whole Foods Has to Deal With Hepatitis

Source: Grub Street NY

More bad press for Whole Foods: The prepared-foods case at a Detroit store (115 Mack Avenue) has apparently caused at least two cases of hepatitis A. In a statement, the company said:

“After a team member in our Whole Foods Market store in Detroit was diagnosed …

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Plum Market Wine Bar and Café, Featuring Products from Zingerman’s – Detroit (Detroit Metro Airport – DTW)

Source: DCDining

With a brief layover in Detroit Metro Airport, I wanted to grab something quick and healthy, as I hadn’t eaten all day. As it turns out, the enormous McNamara Terminal (map of restaurants provided with link) is so long that there’s a train on the top floor that traverses it (and you’ll want to take it, too) – it’s probably something close to a half-mile in length, and I had to cover the entire thing.

I’ve only been to Ann Arbor one time, about 5-6 years ago, and made it a point to have dinner at the James Beard Award-winning Zingerman’s Roadhouse, and remember the overall impression that it was a restaurant that tried to be all things to all people, but came up short in a lot of areas (they have a bakery, homemade this, homemade that, etc.) – and it’s in a very cool “roadhouse” that’s placed in the front of a shopping mall parking lot, not unlike where a drive-in restaurant might be. I went back the next morning for my breakfast coffee (this may be the only James Beard Award-winning restaurant with a morning drive-thru window, and the coffee was very good, too).

Anyway, I smiled when I saw the Plum Market Wine Bar featuring Zingerman’s Products, and got a Caprese Sandwich ($9.99), a bit overpriced for its meager length, and saved it for the plane ride. Well, this was one of the best airport sandwiches I’ve ever had, as it came on Zingerman’s homemade ciabatta-like roll, and was well within the expiration date. It had long strips of basil, a gentle application of balsamic, and most important of all, some really good blots of homemade mozzarella – it was as good as you can expect an airport sandwich to reasonably be, and was worth the price. Plum Market is listed on the map in the middle of the terminal, but I was on the far-right side at gate A77 (shown on McNamara Terminal link), and remember a kiosk, perhaps a smaller version of it, only a few gates away, so I don’t believe the one in the map is where I was; I’m just glad I found it.

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Traveling Chef Brings Nigerian Food to D.C. This Weekend

Source: Washington City Paper Young & Hungry


Most Washingtonians probably know a thing or two about Ethiopian food. But cuisines from elsewhere on the African continent? They’re relatively unknown here.

Tunde Wey wants to at least introduce people to dishes from his native country of Nigeria.

Wey is one of the founders of a Detroit restaurant called Revolver that rotates through a series of guest chefs every weekend. He recently sold his shares in the business to his partner and decided to travel. A friend invited him on a road trip from Detroit to New Orleans. “I was like, ‘I’m here, I should cook.'” So he hosted a few pop-up dinners featuring ...

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Detroit Doughnut Shop Will Honor Hip-Hop’s J Dilla

Source: Grub Street NY

Made in Detroit.

Detroit News music writer Adam Graham reports that the late producer J. Dilla’s uncle will open a coffee and doughnut shop called Dilla’s Delights this fall in Harmonie Park. The Detroit-based producer, who died in 2006, made music for and with A Tribe Called Quest, Common, Erykah Badu, and lots more acts. Herman Hayes, who’s been making the rounds to several of the country’s most notable doughnut shops, says the shop is themed around Dilla’s final album, Donuts, and will sell twenty different varieties, most of which will reference the dozens of projects the producer worked ...

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