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This Atlanta scientist wants you to eat insects

Source: Atlanta Magazine

A classic wedge topped with not-so classic palembus dermestoides, or buffalo wormsPhotograph by Caroline C. Kilgore Chelsea Thomas cuts celery stalks into bite-sized pieces and slathers each with peanut butter. A few dozen kids and their dutiful parents have taken seats in the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s outdoor kitchen, where the 27-year-old is demonstrating how to make “ants on a log.” She picks up a vial the size of a blood sample and removes the lid to extract her secret ingredient: actual ants, lightly roasted. “Have you tasted them before?” one boy asks. “Yes,” Thomas, who is wearing a dress printed ...

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In the Apocalyptic Future, We’ll All Be Eating Bugs

Source: Grub Street NY

“What’s in the cocktail?”

“Cricket-infused vodka, strawberries, jalapeño, and simple syrup,” says Robyn Shapiro, who is wearing a vintage NASA T-shirt in her big (for the East Village) kitchen, with off-white Corian counter­tops and the refrigerator hidden in a drawer. Shapiro, whose day job is deputy director of…More »

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