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Trump’s USDA Is Working to Torpedo the Rules for Organic Eggs

Source: Grub Street NY

The Trump administration has found a new Obama-era USDA policy with which it vehemently disagrees. The newest target of its ire: rules that would codify the seemingly self-evident position that “organic” animals must be raised more humanely than their conventional counterparts. Obama officials passed a set of regulations …

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Culinary Hero Martha Stewart Travels With Her Own Hard-Boiled Eggs

Source: Grub Street NY

This week, the New York Times wrangled Martha Stewart for its Carry-On column, and the walking food trademark/Snoop Dogg bosom buddy/very bad Instagrammer admits she’s a bona fide “bag lady” when it comes to travel. For example, one iPad isn’t enough on flights — she requires three

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Trilobites: Thanksgiving Turkeys May Have Been Tamed 1,500 Years Ago in Mexico

Source: NY Times Food

In a clutch of intact eggs in a fortress in Oaxaca, Mexico, researchers found some of the earliest known signs of turkey domestication.

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The omelets at this restaurant are among the best in Atlanta

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

Bread & Butterfly makes one of Atlanta’s most simple, eloquent renditions of a classic omelet. Photo: Beckystein.com

Dish of the Week: Omelette du Jour at Bread & Butterfly

The egg is one the world’s most perfect foods. It is as if the chicken, a notoriously unintelligent animal, somehow dreamed up the ideal combination of fat and protein into a precisely-portioned vessel. However perfect it might be, though, the French somehow figured out how to improve eggs, mostly the same way the French improved everything else: with more butter.

Bread & Butterfly, Inman Park’s charming French bistro, happens to turn out ...

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