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This Atlanta scientist wants you to eat insects

Source: Atlanta Magazine

A classic wedge topped with not-so classic palembus dermestoides, or buffalo wormsPhotograph by Caroline C. Kilgore Chelsea Thomas cuts celery stalks into bite-sized pieces and slathers each with peanut butter. A few dozen kids and their dutiful parents have taken seats in the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s outdoor kitchen, where the 27-year-old is demonstrating how to make “ants on a log.” She picks up a vial the size of a blood sample and removes the lid to extract her secret ingredient: actual ants, lightly roasted. “Have you tasted them before?” one boy asks. “Yes,” Thomas, who is wearing a dress printed ...

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In the Apocalyptic Future, We’ll All Be Eating Bugs

Source: Grub Street NY

“What’s in the cocktail?”

“Cricket-infused vodka, strawberries, jalapeño, and simple syrup,” says Robyn Shapiro, who is wearing a vintage NASA T-shirt in her big (for the East Village) kitchen, with off-white Corian counter­tops and the refrigerator hidden in a drawer. Shapiro, whose day job is deputy director of…More »

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Edible Bugs and Food Trucks at Greenfest

Source: Philadelphia Magazine » Foobooz


The 9th annual Greenfest Philly will be held this Sunday, September 7th, at Headhouse Square, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The region’s largest environmental festival, Greenfest will include eco-friendly options to munch and sip on. Among the highlights are a sustainably brewed beer garden, organic drinks, natural foods from food trucks and restaurants, plus edible bug treats.

If you’re adventurous enough to try an insect, EDIBL (Environmental Discourses on the Ingestion of Bugs League) has supplied a few options to suit your palate. Past edible bug creations included a Honey and Cheese cracker, chocolate coating and fresh cucumber with crickets and/or ...

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Listage: 5 Bourbon Facts; Amy’s Baking Co. Gets a TV Show

Source: Eater Philly

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