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Oy Veg Kitchen serves up comfort with its vegetarian knishes

Source: Atlanta Magazine

Liz Mennen, founder of Oy Veg KitchenPhoto by Jessica Beaushene After several years in Atlanta, Liz Mennen, 29, realized what was missing from her life in the South: knishes. The New York-bred actuary had grown up eating the Eastern European comfort food—pastries stuffed with a mashed potato and onion filling and often meat, cheese, or other vegetables. “To me, they taste like a hug—they’re so distinctly warm and comforting,” she says. By 2017, Mennen had become passionate about the small food movement and was living a mostly vegetarian lifestyle. She stumbled across a Jewish, vegetarian, comfort food cookbook called Vilna ...

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The Absolute Best Knish in New York

Source: Grub Street NY

The knish, when you really stop to think about it, is a pretty hilarious food: Eastern European–Jewish in origin (the word is Yiddish), it’s basically a dense ball of mashed potato (or some other, usually at least partially starchy ingredient) encased in fairly thin pastry when baked, and thicker pastry …

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Eaterwire: Taste of Jewish Culture Festival; Pig Mountain Fundraiser

Source: Eater NY

jewish-food-fest.jpgMIDTOWN EAST — This Sunday, nouveau Jewish food businesses like Mile End Deli, Shelsky’s, The Gefilteria, Taim, and others, will gather for the “Taste of Jewish Culture” fest along Madison Avenue around 47th and 48th Streets. Expect snacks, a talk with knish expert Laura Silver, and Yiddish swing music. The festivities will run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. [Eaterwire]

NARROWSBURG, NY — The 4th annual fundraiser and massive pig roast Pig Mountain, where 17 chefs including Lauren Resler of Empellon and Cesare Casella of Salumeria Rosi roast whole hogs, will take place on August 23 upstate. The ...

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Bo-Dogs Brings Knishes and Hot Dogs to Penn Quarter

Source: Washington City Paper Young & Hungry


Knishes, Kosher dogs, and corn? Sure, why not. Those are the only three food offerings at Bo-Dogs, which New Jersey natives and brothers Jacob and Joseph Jemal opened earlier this week at 614 E St. NW.

So, is this the legit New York knish D.C. has been waiting for? Unfortunately, not quite. Bo-Dog’s knishes ($3) on an initial visit weren’t anything to go out of your way for. The oily, square-shaped potato pastries lacked a crispy, flaky exterior. If you’re really craving knishes, the best I’ve found are at Buffalo & Bergen. (Try the Reuben version.)

The Kosher ...

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