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Is This the Best Kale Takedown of All Time?

Source: Grub Street NY

Yesterday, The New York Times Magazine let food columnist Tejal Rao write 800 words about “seeing kale with new eyes.” Her paean to lacinato (the “dinosaur” one) concludes with what’s presumably a very good recipe — a blended-kale pasta sauce from Joshua McFadden.

One of the column’s readers was …

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Bataliwire: Mario Batali has said so long…

Source: Eater NY

mario-batali-times-magazine-shutter.jpgMario Batali has said so long to his New York Times Magazine column “What I’m Drinking Now.” Earlier this year, the column was panned by Slate’s Troy Patterson who called Batali the “world’s worst drinks writer,” but a Times editor tells Eater Batali simply “felt the column had run its course.” [~EN~]
[Daniel Krieger]

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