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Holiday Staples Guide

Source: Brightest Young Things NYC

Photos by Nicholas Karlin

If you buy into the agenda, the holidays are a time for love and togetherness, but let’s be realists. This isn’t a time for people to let down their guards and be vulnerable with the people they care most about, this is a time to keep each other on our toes. You will have last minute guests that drive you up the wall. You will get that 99th hour invite to a dinner where you’re supposed to BYOB and BYOF (the f is for forensics food). You will have that person who promised they wouldn’t buy ...

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Righteous Cheese’s Priciest Cheese Is an Award Winner You Can’t Get Elsewhere

Source: Washington City Paper Young & Hungry

Last week at the American Cheese Society’s annual awards—the “Oscars of cheese”—a sheep’s milk called Bull Hill from Vermont’s Grafton Village won one of the top prizes. And the only place in the country you can find it? Righteous Cheese in Union Market.

Owner Carolyn Stromberg met the cheesemaker while attending the Dairy Sheep Association of North America’s symposium in Reston just as she was opening her shop two years ago. “I’d never heard of it before. No one in cheese that I know had ever heard of it,” Stromberg says of the conference. “There were no other people from cheese shops there… It really was ...

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Which Restaurants Have Raised The Most Through Crowdfunding?

Source: Washington City Paper Young & Hungry

When Pleasant Pops launched a Kickstarter campaign to open a cafe in the spring of 2012, crowdfunding was still a novelty for restaurant and bar owners. These days, everyone from food-truck operators to veteran restaurateurs is hitting up potential customers for money. So far, no local establishments have managed to entirely fund a new venture through crowdfunding—individual investors are still their primary source of capital—but some have brought in serious cash through relatively small contributions. Here are the D.C. restaurant scene’s 10 most successful microfinanciers.


Graphic by Carey Jordan

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